Roof Repair


Roof Repair

At United Roofing, our objective is to remove the problem area and install new roofing material to ensure you won’t have another leak in that spot again. If the job requires it, we’ll replace flashing and any damaged substrates. Whether we need to tear off the area or not, either way, we guarantee we will fix the issue. On top of that, we give a warranty for the majority of our repairs—which most other companies won’t provide—and, more importantly, we stand by it. We’ll take care of your home like it’s our own. 

So, if you’re looking for a cheap patch job for a temporary quick fix…you’re probably better off hiring a handyman. But if you want a quality, long-lasting repair, call us at 206-773-6147 or fill out this form to schedule an inspection

All Roof Repair Solutions

We are skilled at repairing all roofing types whether it is metal, shingle, or tile.

Fix Your Roof Leak

Improper roof installations, loose cracked, rotted, or missing shingles and structure damage.

Fair Roof Repair Pricing

Don't overpay for your leaking roof. Contact us today for an estimate. We provide a great service at an affordable cost.

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